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Service Options

  • Leases and Rentals on 250, 500, & 1000 Gallon Tanks

  • Leak Checks

  • 10 Day Discount on Residential Deliveries

Keep Full Plan 

For 75 years, Nash Gas has taken pride in our customer service. Our keep full plan takes away the fear of running out of propane. Our computer system tracks your tank's usage and whenever you need a fill, one of our drivers will stop by when we are in the area. This saves you from same day or weekend delivery fees if you run out of propane. Give the office a call for more information!

Prebuy Contracts

The customer prepays in the fall at a special contract price. The contract is for the full heating season and must be used by May. With the contract, the tank is on a keep full system and will be filled as needed. 

Budget Payment Plan 

Due to the economy that exists today, our budget billing enables most people to cope with their heating bills during the heavy usage season by paying the same amount each month and leveling out their purchases. With the budget plan, the tank is on a keep full system and will be filled as needed.

Filling a propane grill bottle
Cylinder Filling 

We fill propane cylinders at our office in Dearborn, MO. Due to state law, we are unable to fill them from the truck, but we are more than happy to fill them at the office. Give us a call before you head out to make sure someone is around to fill them!

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